Today, we often see the negativities of the industrial age, the critiques of capitalism and social collapse. The lack of value and norms in the complexity of criticisms, solutions, and questions that do not reach the ground causes alienation and the feeling of man as weak, insignificant and insufficient. What I want to emphasize in the project is that the person who has begun to see himself/herself unqualified rather than suggesting new questions and solutions about the social relations or conditions of our age, or that he cannot forget the time or the right to dream or find himself in his own right. This is perhaps because our sense of responsibility does not go beyond the objective reality. It can be thought that this is the result of daily life's limitations on humanity and mind.

Train stations and airports can be thought of as places where our minds are free, apart from being the places where we started and finished our journeys. First of all, all we have to do is wait. This static action initiates a movement in our minds and goes on a journey that we judge our perception of time and space. We dream that we are going where we will go, we get excited about what we are going to live there, we create expectations, we even try to live the future time in the place where we leave, to feel what we have left behind, and we can go away from everything and go to a place where we can take care of our own lives. Without refusing to be physically present, we experience our reality through those who pass through our minds. This situation is like taking a break from daily life, and at times when it is felt, there is an opportunity to realize what our experiences and the moments we consume without thinking over give us.

While we are unable to find the time to do anything and during a life that passes in constant movement while thinking that nothing is ever going to be on time ever, when we arrive at these locations, we enter a process in which we feel that suddenly the time hangs heavy or even stands still. In this stability, the mobility that is initiated in the mind is what these photographs attempt to constitute.

(This Project has a book, which consists of 70 Photographs, which have a size of 150x100cm, archival pigment print on baryte fine art paper.)