Mobility in Stability by Serdar Bayburtlu

We frequently see the negativities of the industrial age and criticisms on capitalism and social decadence nowadays. The criticisms getting nowhere cause the values and the norms to become meaningless in the chaos of solutions and questions, alienation and besides, make individuals feel powerless, worthless, and incompetent. What I want to emphasize in this project is the fact that other than suggesting new questions and solutions regarding the social relations or conditions of our age, the humankind becoming to see himself/herself unqualified forgot the time for imagination or the right or is not able to find the time or the right in himself/herself. Perhaps this is caused by the fact that as the result of the restrictions on the humankind and the mind enforced by daily life, our sense of responsibility cannot go beyond the objective reality.

Actually, it is also possible to consider the train stations and airports as environments where our minds and perceptions are set free besides locations where we start and end our journeys. First of all, what we need to do when we are there is to wait. This stationary action initiates a movement in our mind and we set out on a journey in which we rule over our sense of time and space. We imagine that we are in the location that we are traveling to, we think of the things we are going to experience there and get excited, have expectations and we even try to experience the future time in the location where we left, try to feel what we have left behind or we go to a place where we can get away from it all and look upon our life completely. We experience our reality completely with what is passing on our minds without denying the fact that we are physically there. This is just as taking a break from the life and an opportunity arises in order to realize that, what we have experienced and the moments that we have consumed without thinking much on, have added to us.

While we are unable to find the time to do anything and during a life that passes in constant movement while thinking that nothing is ever going to be on time ever, when we arrive at these locations, we enter a process in which we feel that suddenly the time hangs heavy or even stands still. In this stability, the mobility that is initiated in the mind is what these photographs attempt to constitute.

(This Project has a book, which consists of 70 Photographs, which have a size of 150x100cm, archival pigment print on baryte fine art paper.)