Perception of time occurs through alterations. These continual alterations are based on incessant repetitions which make time tangible. Human beings have recognized these repetitions first in the sky. Sources of this embodying effort are the cycles of the world and the moon. After separating day and night, it was the day's turn to be segmented. Measuring the length of the shadow was the method used approximately three thousand years ago.
One of the most important components of this project is the ways of interpretation of space beside the interpretation of time. The black paintings of Reinhardt performed during the '60s have been considered as a trial to carry the period to the last point, that painting was merely seen as a surface covered by color. Space occurred is waiting to be appraised. Proceeding from this point, the efforts of the ancient people towards describing the sky and endeavors for organizing and evaluating things by the aid of repetitions coming out due to cycles of the world and the moon is the basis of this study.
This study is based on the process of finding new content for the blocks taking place under the sky not belonging to this world and not representing nature and the sky itself with the simplicity of an archaic point of view and also on understanding the process of learning.
* 1- Secret, Hidden 2- Domestic, Familiar
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